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Fishead Facebook Application

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The problem of psychopathy is real and this is just a very crude tool. If you are suspicious, make sure to inform people in your circle of friends. Do not let any psychopath ruin your life! Psychopathy is a personality disorder characterized by an abnormal lack of empathy combined with strongly amoral conduct but masked by an ability to appear outwardly normal. Typical signs of psychopaths are:

  • Glibness/superficial charm
  • Grandiose sense of self-worth
  • Pathological lying
  • Cunning/manipulative behavior
  • Lack of remorse or guilt
  • Shallow affect
  • Callous/lack of empathy
  • Failure to accept responsibility for own actions
  • Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom
  • Parasitic lifestyle
  • Poor behavioral control
  • Lack of realistic long-term goals
  • Impulsivity
  • Irresponsibility
  • Juvenile delinquency
  • Early behavior problems


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  • first screen: click "enter"
  • second screen: see the animation
  • third screen: read opening window, click "continue:
  • answer all 15 questions YES or NO
  • final: see results of the test

This simple tool will help you identify psychopaths around you. If you have a suspicion that someone you know -- your boyfriend/girlfriend or boss -- may have psychopathic tendencies, use this tool and answer the 15 simple questions as best as you can. Questions are based on the Hare/Babiak B-Scan 360 Psychopathy test.


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Disclaimer: Not all the answers in this test are used to calculate the evaluation. If you want to learn more about the topic of psychopathy, see

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