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by Misha Votruba

When you read the description of the characteristics of psychopathy and then you read the New York Times, you don't have to be a scientist for your light bulb to switch on. There are some weird similarities. You know the names of Dennis Kozlowski , Bernie Maddoff or "The Smartest Guys in the Room" from ENRON. Those are just the few who got caught. Those who made a mistake. You agree that if they made a mistake and got caught, they are not the very top guys, are they?

"The world is run by psychopaths."

You may have heard somebody say this, and maybe you have thought it yourself. For most of us, it is an expression of exasperation when we don't understand why decisions that are made for us don't make any sense. Or at least they don't make any sense to us.

But what if it is true, and what if we can prove it?

Well, that was our initial idea for the film. We laughed a lot imagining how we would combine serious interviews and outrageous ideas together and "prove" that   < f i s h e a d (   is really the BIG fact that the world is run by psychopaths and that virtually all the problems we are facing today could be and will be blamed on them. The film would be funny but would have enough uncomfortable bits that would linger in peoples' minds long after the fun.

We liked our idea so much that we dove into the research.

So, why did we not do the film that we set out to do in the beginning? Read the next installment.